All about Mules For Women!
Anything you Didn't Know You Wanted to Know about Mules: Flats, Wedges, and High heels Though and not as popular as they were in the 1970's and 1990's, women's mules are often rewarded for being both comfortable and unique. Mules, otherwise known women's slippers as professional clogs (1970's) or glides (1990's) are shoes that are backless and have a closed toe. By the early twentieth century, we were looking at most commonly associated with prostitutes, but Marilyn Monroe gave the shoe a lot more reputable name in the early 1950's. Much of the plethora the style of women's mule shoe trends derives from the height of the heel; with no specified heel height necessary to be categorized so, mules can come in the form of flats, wedges, and high heels. Choosing which style to wear really just depends on personal taste. The Flat Mule: Matchless Comfort One of the easiest and most comfortable shoes to walk in, the women's flat mule encompasses a look that is both casual and classy. The Karelia mule by Naturalizer offers a sleek shape, cushioned insole, and a weaved bow trim that adds a little girlie good taste. If comfort is of utmost importance to you, these shoes will cushion your toes without a doubt. The Modernized Mule, Otherwise Known as the Wedge Mule Though typically more of a classical shoe, some women's mule styles have been modified and modernized to match the brands of today. As wedges re-popularize, we can see an example of modernized mules with Alexander Wang's Trish Loafer wedge mules. With 4. 72 inch wedge heels and a leather front flap with fringes, this loafer makes an entrance and stuns fellow fashionistas with its simple statement of absolute originality. Keep the Mule Style But Add More Height Reminiscent of the growing style trend of booties is the back heel mule. Keeping the same shape as the traditional version, the back heel mule often adds a slingback ankle wrist strap in order to secure the foot in place while being held at an angle created by the stilleto. Dolce Vita's Manny back heel mules also take a twist on the original shoe shape, in addition to a 5 inch heel, by creating a peep-toe front, as opposed to the common closed-toe women's mule shoes. Back heel mules, while less comfortable than flat mules, often feel utterly divine when compared to pumps! Select Comfort! Though, over the years, the popularity of the mule style of shoe has declined, women's mules still present you with a comfortable and unique alternative to many other shoes which exist today. Because mules are not defined by the height of their heel, they can have heels of any height and thus we can see mule-styled flats, wedges, and heels. With the diverse shapes and sizes of mules, the possibility of increased trendiness in the future is always a possibility! Stephanie Levitt, Fashion Writer for Today's Shoe here, if you love everything shoe then this is the place to go for great articles about the times lastest fashion trends, style tips, and l not forget the hottest and newest shoe designers.

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