Repentance : Beginning the Journey to Christ

Any significant change in a person or process has an familiar starting point. In Christianity that starting point is repentance.

Repentance is one of those "religious" words that most people sort of know but don't quite understand. Simply put, repentance is recognition of a persons mudink own faults and sins and the need to change.

This is not an especially unusual concept as it has parallels in many processes of change. Including the starting point of the twelve-step process employed by Alcoholics Mysterious begins with the need to recognise you have a problem and need to change. It is the same in other substance abuse, treatment and betting programs.

This first step though is quite important. We see in the New Testament that whenever the three major levels in the proclamation of the good news gospel began, they all began with a focus on repentance.

John the Baptist began his ministry to the people telling them to repent and to believe in him who was to follow after John (Luke 3 1-9, Acts 19: 4). When Jesus had been baptised and began his teaching ministry, he began by again telling the people of the need for repentance, for the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand (Matthew 4: 17). And finally after Jesus had died and was resurrected and the disciples had received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the disciples began their ministry through Peter teaching them to repent and believe in Jesus Christ (Acts 2: 38).

So we see in each case that the starting point of Christianity is repentance. But some may think and wonder what they need to repent from? They may wonder what is sin anyway?

Quite simply sin is the breaking of the law or lawlessness as John showed in 1 John 3: 4. And under the law if a person breaks just one law they are guilty from it all, as it says, "For anyone who keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of the whole thing. inches (James 2: 10) You should bear in mind also that there are more than six hundred laws in the Old Testament and thus to break any of these would convict you as a sinner.

So let me ask the question, are you a sinner? Well here is a little ensure that you if you answer "yes" to any of these questions you are a sinner, guilty of failing the whole law, and thus in need of repentance. Now I could take out some of the really unknown laws in the somebody that hardly anyone knows about, but that you will find illegal. Rather than do that let's look at a few of the most well known of all the somebody laws, the Ten Commandments.

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