7 Best Brawler Builds In Brotato

These strong Brawler builds are worth buying if you like to fight up close and personal in Brotato.

Brotato is a new free-to-play game on Steam. It takes the best parts of old games like The Binding of Isaac and new games like Vampire Survivors and combines them. In the game, the player can use everything from a simple stick to a rocket as a weapon. Each type of tool is different.

The player will have to beat 20 waves of timer-controlled enemies. After each one, they get a break to improve their gear, pick traits, and buy things that will help them stay alive. There are tens of different characters in the game, and each one has a favorite weapon and type of damage. When the right combination is used, the player can get a good start.

The Brawler character is good at fighting with their hands and fists. They use only their hands and fists to fight off aliens. There are different ways to combine things and upgrades that will help the player win more easily and make the experience more enjoyable overall. As a Brawler, these are the numbers you should focus on the most.

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