7 Best Consumable Items In Final Fantasy 16

Take this in Final Fantasy 16 to heal your scars and boost your mood.

Consumables are items in Final Fantasy 16 that can only be used once. Each Consumable does something different. For example, potions and elixirs refill Clive’s health bar, while tonics either boost your attack power or lower the damage you take as Clive for a set amount of time. You can find these things all over the world, from shops to treasure chests. By finishing quests, you can make potions stronger and increase the size of your inventory.

Consumables help Clive most in battle, but you can also use their powers before and after battle to heal. You can switch between Torgal’s orders and the Consumable shortcut menu by pressing the D-Pad. This lets you use Consumables quickly. Since you can only put three things in the link at once, you will need to decide which ones are more important.

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