Elder Scrolls: 6 Hardest Games, Ranked

The Elder Scrolls series is full of amazing stories and great games, but they are surprisingly different in how hard they are to play.

The past of the Elder Scrolls series is, to put it bluntly, weird. Even though the major franchise has been going for 30 years, there have only been a small number of games made for it. But one thing that has always been a part of the series is the chance that players will run into big problems as they explore some parts of the huge world of Tamriel.

From the early Arena and Daggerfall games, which are almost forgotten now, to the great heights of Morrowind and Oblivion, and finally to Skyrim, which was a huge hit, the Elder Scrolls series has been through a lot of problems. But there are some games in the series that are a step above the rest because they have inspired so many other games in the same style.

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