8 Underrated Eikon Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

Players in Final Fantasy 16 shouldn’t make fun of Eikon’s skills, because they’re much better than most would think.

Final Fantasy 16 is a huge game that takes players on an epic journey through warring countries, family betrayal, and the clashing of cosmic forces. Fans all over the world are hooked on Clive’s story, in which he tries to save the world, his family, and his honor while breaking sales records. Throughout Final Fantasy 16, Clive will face enemies with the power of Eikons, which are god-like beings in the world. These enemies are called “dominants.”

With each win Clive earns, he gets stronger and gains new skills that players can use in battle. Each Eikon tree is full of unique and strong skills that can be used in many different ways in Final Fantasy 16‘s world. There are a lot of skills that players love right away and that are very useful when fighting enemies, but there are also a lot of skills that people don’t pay attention to. Here are some of Final Fantasy 16‘s skills that don’t get enough attention.

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