LED Strip Lights Wholesale : Buying Strip Lights in Large Quantities



Pros of purchasing LED strip lights Wholesale in Bulk and benefits of purchasing LED Strip Lights in Bulk.


Lower Per-Unit Costs


When buying this LED strip lights, it is recommended to make large orders from the suppliers as this can lower the per-unit cost significantly. Wholesalers can bargain for cheaper prices from manufacturers and pass on the rebates to the customers and this is through bulk buying since manufactures will have incurred large costs in the process. When a customer wants to purchase a few hundred units of the strip light, it is more common to find wholesalers selling the units at a cheaper price per unit than if one were to buy from other retail stores.


Reduced Shipping Fees

Besides, in terms of cost, it has been observed that it is cheaper to buy the LED strip light in large quantities because in the long run, the cost per each strip light is much lower and there will also be a lot of savings on the costs of shipping and packaging. Shipping costs are often overlooked by wholesalers in their overall pricing strategy or they offer free shipping for a minimum ordered quantity or they include free shipping for flat rate. Also, instead of having to pay delivery charges separately every time you place a small order for different units, you are likely to place one large order and hence, not incur the charges repeatedly.


Other expenses such as those of packaging are also reduced especially when LED strip lights are bought in large quantities from dealers. This means that a wholesaler is able to manage a large quantity of lights as a single shipment, which entails less effort and resources per unit than dealing with many small orders. They translate into affordable per item prices which trickle down to your pocket as savings.  


High initial investment but returns the cost over the period of time In this case the initial outlay of cash is quite high but the costs are recovered in the long run In this case the initial investment is high but the costs are recovered after sometime of use In this case, the use of capital and money is quite high at the beginning of the project but the expenses are covered in the long run.


The only truth that can hardly be argued today is that purchasing LED strip lights in hundreds or thousands at a time calls for a significant capital outlay. To the average individual or small business operating under tight financial limits this can dissuade a business from buying their merchandise wholesale even though there are significant cost savings to be made. The acquisition of large stocks may require business funding arrangements to make large purchases that may be necessary in meeting the target inventory number.


Nevertheless, if proper planning is made, the initial cost, which an LED strip light requires to go for a bulk purchase, can be regained in relatively a short span of time. By immediately applying a part of the lights for your own applications, you can start recovering the wholesale cost to you from the remaining inventory by selling the balance to the end consumers or other contractors. This means that customers can afford the lights and since the per unit price is lower than the current standard retail rates for the lights, decent profit margins are possible. 


Depending on the duration of the delivery cycle, there may be a chance that the entire bulk shipment can be sold to customers cumulatively to give back a turnover that is at least equal to your wholesale spend. The inventory does this because this rapid payback may not have been possible if the buyer were to buy small quantities periodically at these higher prices.


So, when sourcing an LED strip light wholesaler, there are several things that you need to take into consideration:


Range of Light Types


It is preferable to buy all the types of strip lighting equipment you intend to install and sell, from one wholesale supplier at a time. This reduces the number of logistics issues and assists in accumulating the quantity of orders that would enable the retailer to clinch the best deals. So ensure any wholesaler you review has diversity in their LED strip light offering spanning:So ensure any wholesaler you review has diversity in their LED strip light offering spanning:


Varying lumen outputs 

There are three kinds of LED strips: White LED strips, RGB LED strips, and LED strips with color changing and color temperature.

Other features of the separator include: <li>Two voltage outputs of 12V and 24V</li>

Two types namely, the adhesive back or non-adhesive types.

Standard lengths or cuttable reels, which can be adjusted to a specified length depending on the client’s request.


The wholesalers in the market that seem to have the most comprehensive product variety are those that have been in the lighting and electronics distribution business for a long time to meet specific customer orders.

Order Fulfillment Reliability


Though price is crucial, one of the most important aspects a buyer would expect while ordering hundreds or thousands of LED strip lights is order delivery, either in a timely manner or with accurate order fulfillment. Anything that hinders the expected delivery time because of stock status or other related problems affects your resale or installation schedule gravely. 


Businesses should also check on the policies in place by the wholesaler concerning the order processing time and the guarantee offered to get an insight into the reliability of the wholesaler. Own warehouses can provide better inventory transparency and order capability than drop shipping from oversea suppliers which are common in internet retailing. Nevertheless, it is found that certain number of international fulfillment services are also enhancing in these aspects.

Return Policy Flexibility


Nevertheless, utmost care is taken and yet there may be cases where a large quantity order for LED strip lights may contain some defective or non-conforming products. To ensure that there are no difficulties in the correction of any complications related to returns and replacements, make sure to check if these terms are favorable before making the wholesale purchasing of inventory. For instance, most domestic wholesalers offer the option to return LED lights within 30 days, but this option is rarer internationally.


 In Summary 


Purchasing LED strip light hundreds of strips at once compared to when buying small quantities after a long time has possibilities to get cheap in terms of unit and shipping costs. You get wholesale prices that are cheaper than retail hence with added profits to resell the lights or use in their installations. As with all wholesalers there may be certain factors you need to consider before using them in order to ensure that their performance is reliable and your ordering is flexible enough for your business.


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