Exploring the Mystical Properties of Red Coral Stone

Red coral or Natural Moonga is a beautiful and shiny gem that comes from the sea. It is not a stone like other gems such as Manik, Neelam, or Gomed, which are found in the ground. It is a special wood that grows deep in the ocean. It has powerful cosmic and spiritual effects, and many people who follow Vedic astrology love it.

Original Moonga Ratan is a red-orange gem that has a lot of value in Western astrology too. It is the gem of the planet Mars or the angry Lord Mangal. It can protect you from Mangal Dasha and make you brave and confident. It can also help you be independent in life. But red coral is not good for everyone. You should ask an expert astrologer before you wear it.

What Are Red Coral Gems?

Original Red Coral is different from most of your other crystals and stones, which come from rocks. Red Coral comes from sea animals that make hard shells to protect themselves.

The shells join together and make coral reefs. When the sea animals die, the shells stay. The shells are collected and made into Natural Red Coral gems.

Red Coral Origins

Different places in the world have Red Coral, but the best kind is from Italy. This Moonga has a strong link with the stars and planets, unlike Red Coral from other places.

Red Coral from Japan is harder to find, but it is cheaper because it does not have the same star power as Italian Red Coral.

Spiritual Benefit of Red Coral 

One of the hidden red coral gemstones benefits is they create spiritual balance and brings the mental peace you desire. According to Vedic astrology, the Red moon represents the planet Mars and is associated with courage and power. When you wear a red coral gemstone, you ensure to protect yourself from everything that disturbs your spiritual and emotional balance. It is believed by Astrologers that red Moonga radiates positive energy that breaks the chains created by Black energy or negative influences. The more you are in harmony with your true nature, the better you can focus and build wonderful things useful for society. 

Healing Benefits Of Red Coral 

It is impossible to list all the amazing healing benefits of red coral stone in one day as they are countless. Therefore, we will only mention the main healing benefits obtained from wearing red Moonga gemstones.

  • According to your horoscope, if you are more likely to face accidents, wearing red coral can protect you from serious accidents and painful surgeries.

  • If a woman is facing pregnancy problems or irregular menstrual cycles, wearing red coral stone can reduce these problems significantly.

  • Wearing red coral can also safeguard from deadly diseases like measles, smallpox, piles, and severe fever.

  • If you are facing blood-related diseases, nothing can heal your problems and bring vitality to your body better than a red moonstone. 

Financial Effect of Red Coral 

Many eminent astrologers think that wearing red coral gemstones at the right time can reduce your financial debt significantly and improve your financial situation. We all know that a person with good financial condition is free from most of the worldly troubles and the planet Mars also represents the aspects of wealth and property. Wearing red coral gemstones can enhance your financial condition and attract more wealth and prosperity in your life. You can even become debt-free and escape from the vicious cycles of debt for good. However, one should wear the red Moonga stone that matches their body weight and must be activated before wearing it.

Physical Properties of Red Coral

Corallium rubrum is another name for Red Coral. It is formed by marine animals that live in clear, warm waters and are usually found between 15-160 feet below the surface. The color of Red Coral depends on how deep it grows, with darker shades being more prized. Red Coral can also be orange or light pink.

Red Coral is a soft, porous substance with a Mohs hardness of 3.5. It is mostly composed of calcium carbonate and does not have any clear fracture lines. When collected, it is naturally dull but is often polished into a shiny stone

Metaphysical Properties

The Red Coral gem is full of spiritual properties, astrological secrets, and good luck. Red Coral fosters achievement in life and work, helps give assurance to those in charge, and even brings luck in sports.

Red Coral’s link to blood helps improve physical health and wellness and even fortifies the immune system.

This stone is linked to Mars, and it helps draw energy from the fierce planet, harmonizing it as it comes and turning it into useful energy for your life. It boosts physical and mental endurance, Red Coral stops negative, exhausting energy, and helps keep you stable.

Red Coral is also a stone of intelligence, helping you make smarter choices and use logic. It is even believed that Red Coral increases maturity and eliminates silly or unhelpful behaviors

Red Coral Price 

red coral stone Price is anywhere from INR 550($6.67) to INR 20000($242.58) for one carat, depending on how it is treated and what color it is.

Red coral is good for jewelry, especially if it has no marks inside and has a nice pink, orange, or bright red color. Smooth round shapes with few holes are also more expensive and attractive.

Who Can Wear a Red Coral?

Mangal, or Mars, is the planet of force, bravery, and resolve. It gives natural red coral the qualities of boosting confidence and bringing vitality, leadership, and autonomy. That’s why astrologers in India advise people with Mesh and Vrischik Rashi, or Aries and Scorpio sun signs, to wear Moonga stone.

Aries is ruled by Mars, so Moonga is their life stone. Aries sportsmen especially benefit from wearing a Red Coral gem. It can give them enthusiasm, authority, courage, respect, passion, and wellness. But they should be careful if they have health problems like high blood pressure or hypertension, and ask an astrologer before wearing it. Scorpio ascendants also find red coral very lucky. It protects them like a shield and makes them healthy, charismatic, and wise.

Meanwhile, Western astrology, which often gives a different Zodiac sign, has a twist here and recommends red coral as the birthstone for Aries ascendants. People with Cancer, Leo, Pisces, and Sagittarius sun signs can also benefit from wearing a Natural Moonga gemstone.

This reddish-orange gem is linked to Mars, so it is advised to wear it to boost a weak Mars in one’s birth chart and make it more favorable. Red Coral (Moonga) not only protects you from the negative effects of Mangal and all kinds of magic, but it also helps you avoid accidents and bad luck.

But if you are an ascendant of Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini, Taurus, or Virgo, you should stay away from this sea product. Unless you need it or want to wear it as a fashion accessory, you should first ask an expert astrologer with your birth chart, so they can guide you by studying the position of stars and planets in your horoscope house.

Wrapping Up

Natural Red coral stone is a unique and valuable gem that has many benefits for those who wear it. It can improve your health, wealth, and spiritual well-being. It can also protect you from the negative effects of Mars, the planet of action and energy. However, you should consult an expert astrologer before wearing red coral stone, as it may not suit everyone. Red coral stone is a gift from nature that can enhance your life in many ways. It is a gem that reflects the beauty and power of the sea.

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  1. Q) Red coral is suitable for which Rashi?
    As per Indian Vedic Astrology, a Munga Ratna is most suitable for people born under Mesh and Vrischik Rashi or Aries and Scorpio signs.
  2. Q) How we can check the quality of our Red Coral Gemstone?
    Several factors affect the quality of this gemstone. Generally, red coral with fewer flaws, smooth surface, bright red hue, and high shine is considered high quality. But the customer’s buying preferences also matter when judging the quality of the stone. For example, Japanese and Italian origins have better clarity and color, which makes them more attractive for gemological reasons, but astrologically speaking, the latter is a better option. Likewise, Australian and Taiwanese origins are more popular for jewelry purposes than others. It is always advisable to buy red coral that has been tested by a lab, whether online or from trusted sellers, to ensure a fair deal.

  3. Q) Can Manglik wear Red Coral?
    Red Coral which is known as Moonga Stone can help People with Manglik Dosha. A Coral gemstone can be worn by couples who have problems in their marriage.

  4. Q) Which metal is best for red coral?
    A Red Coral Gemstone looks amazing in metal jewelry of yellow-gold platings, such as a ring, pendant, earring, or bracelet. But Red Coral or Moonga Ratna can also be set in silver, copper, rose gold, Panchdhatu, or Ashtadhatu metal jewelry.

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