Recover Erased Data from Your New MacBook’s Hard Drive Easily

Simple Steps to Retrieve Deleted Data from Your New MacBook's Hard Drive

MacBooks are technological marvels. Their hardware and software are second to none when it comes to sophistication and efficiency. However, MacBook users also have to make peace with the fact that their beloved Apple product would fail at one time. One of the primary failure points of a MacBook, like any other computer, is its onboard storage device. If the storage device is nearing the end of its operational life then data losses, corruption and even problems with data access as well as saving would surface. At times like these, the best solution would be to seek help from a professional provider of MacBook data recovery services. If that is not the case and the user has lost data from their recently bought MacBook then the misplaced data can be located using the simple steps mentioned below.

The best way to Regain Lost Data is to use the Undo Command

According to MacBook data recovery experts associated with the leading data recovery firms operating in Australia, if one has lost data or simply misplaced data on their brand new MacBook then the best step to recover or locate lost data is to use the undo command. But there is a catch. The undo command has to be given to the MacBook quickly and before another task is performed by the user. If another task is performed by the user before giving their MacBook the undo command then the lost or misplaced data won’t be recovered. 

One can also Check the Trash in their MacBook

The next most common way a user can lose data on their brand-new MacBook is when they accidentally delete a file or files. If that happens, the user should check the trash of their MacBook. The deleted files will be there. To keep instances of permanent data loss at bay, users should develop the habit of refraining from regularly emptying the trash of their MacBooks. Files deleted can be restored from the trash at any time. There is no set time after which one will not be able to find deleted data in the trash of their MacBook. One has to manually empty the trash. If they don’t, the data inside the trash will remain there indefinitely.

One can also use the ‘Time Machine’ to Recover Lost Data from their MacBook

MacBook hard drive recovery experts also point out that one can also use the Time Machine in their brand new MacBook to recover lost data.

The Time Machine is a backup tool that is built into a MacBook. The goal of this tool is to help the user recover accidentally erased data in no time.

The only catch is that the user would have to set the tool up as per their needs. As soon as the tool is set up, it would back up all the data in the user’s MacBook every hour, week or day. One should remember that one must let the Time Machine tool backup all the data one has in their MacBook. This backup will act as the source for the user’s MacBook that can be used to restore all data to the device in case every bit of data from the user’s device is lost accidentally. 

The Time Machine tool allows users to restore data in many ways. One can restore files or even folders with a time machine tool. The best part, the Time Machine tool even allows the user to preview the data before they can restore it to their device.


In case you are still unable to recover lost data in your MacBook then it is time to ditch the DIY route and seek professional help for the best results.

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