Citrine Stone: Best for Career Growth and Who Should Wear?

The Citrine gemstone with its yellow hue and transparency is a beauty that easily attracts the eye. The warmness of this stone increases the feeling of hope in the wearer. But there are many other powers that the citrine stone holds which is why this stone is worn by people among many cultures all around the world.

Especially, because of the belief that the citrine shields the wearer from negative energies, it is worn as a protection charm. It is said that it saves the wearers from evil spirits, black magic, manipulation, bad omens, hypnotism, and psychic attacks as well.

Let’s know more about the citrine gemstone, and how the benefits of this stone will help you in your life to achieve success and prosperity.

Astrological Significance of the Citrine Gemstone

An Original citrine gemstone has many benefits that it provides to its wearer. The medical benefits of the citrine gemstone include strengthening the immune system, and the heart. Indeed, it enhances the stamina of the person, as well as increases the energy levels of the person who wears it.

The energy flow of the citrine gemstone is said to activate the solar plexus chakra in the body of the wearer. This will increase the self-confidence of the wearer.

The gemstone is also known to provide the wearer with wisdom, and emotional balance, as well as mental clarity.

Decreasing your stress, tension, anxiety, and depression, the citrine will make you more calm and peaceful. It will increase your intuition powers, make you more self-aware, and help you evaluate yourself. Eventually, you will be able to face your fears and overcome your weaknesses.

With your confidence, self-esteem, and strengths you will be able to grow in your work field and communicate easily with your colleagues to present yourself better. This will help you get success.

You will grow by working on yourself and will get financial stability as well.

Who Should Wear a Citrine Gemstone?

The real citrine gemstone is associated with the planet Jupiter commonly known as the Brahaspati in Hindi. Jupiter is the largest planet and so it is also known as the Guru Grah.

People who are facing negative effects in their life because of the unfavourability of this planet in their birth chart or horoscope should wear this stone. Astrologers highly recommend natural citrine stones to such people to neutralize these malefic effects.

But we would still advise you to check with an astrologer before wearing this gemstone.

Price of Citrine Stone in India

Citrine gemstones of the finest quality will be quite valuable because the finer the quality the more it is in demand.  The price of the Citrine Stone starts from the range of INR 500 per carat and goes up to INR 6000 per carat.

This variance in the price range is because of a few factors which should be considered while purchasing a gemstone. The main aspects are the 4 C’s –  cut, color, clarity, and carat. But the origin also makes a difference and the price can drop or increase.

Summing Up

Yellow citrine stone is known for its beauty and the mystical powers it contains. The energy of this gemstone has the individuality, fierceness, and warmth of the sun. The warm yellow of this stone provides hope and calmness to the wearer and provides the needed self-confidence as well.

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