Princess Diana: Biography and the British Royal Princess

Biography of Princess Diana. Known as the British royal princess and the first wife of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. His death due to a tragic accident in 1997 shook the world at that time. The constant news about him at that time made his figure very widely known.

Quick Info

Full Name Diana Frances Spencer
Known as Lady Diana, Princess Diana, Princess of Wales
Date of Birth July 1, 1961, Norfolk, England
Died August 31, 1997, Paris, France
Parents Father – John Spencer

Mother – Frances Shand Kydd

Husband Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, England
Child Prince Henry, Prince William

Princess Diana Biography

Princess Diana was born Diana Frances Spencer, the youngest child of John Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd. Diana was born in Norfolk, England on July 1, 1961. She was baptized at St Mary Magdalene church in Sandringham, by Percy Herbert. Stay up-to-date with Deltsapure! Provide accurate and updated news for readers.

Early Life

In Princess Diana’s biography, she received her education at Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk and at West Heath Girl’s School, Sevenoaks area, Kent, where Diana was considered a low achieving student.

When she was 16 years old, Diana left West Heath school to continue her studies at the Alpin Videmanette Institute in Switzerland, a school that focuses on cultural education where there is also a place for students to engage in social activities.

Married to Prince Charles

Even though Diana was not brilliant in her studies, she was a good amateur singer. On 24 February 1981 Lady Di became engaged to Prince Charles, and on 29 July 1981 they were married at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, in a solemn ceremony.

Lady Diana’s luck seems to represent young women around the world in general who find a soul mate and together sail the ship of marriage.

Lady Diana seems to perfectly represent the ideal woman who is so harmonious and happy to find her love, especially with the potential heir to the British throne. After officially joining the royal family, Princess Diana officially had the title Princess of Wales.

Gave birth to Prince William and Prince Harry

Princess Diana became increasingly loved by the British press when she gave birth to her first son, Prince William Arthus Philip Louis, followed by her second son, Prince Henry Charles Albert David. It is felt that happiness still surrounds this new family.

However, several years later, the seeds of family rift began to emerge with Charles turning to his first love, Camilia Parker Bowles.

Apart from that, it turned out that Diana suffered from bulimia, she was recorded as having tried to commit suicide five times, as in the biography of Princess Diana written by Andrew Morton.

Not only did Charles have an affair with another dream woman (WIL), but Diana also openly had an affair with another dream man (PIL).

They were unable to maintain the hope and at the same time the “trust” given by the world community that this couple would be happy forever.

Divorce With Prince Charles

After it was announced by British PM John Major on 9 December 1992 that the couple were living apart, on 28 August 1996 the two actually separated. The (hopefully) beautiful fairy tale-like story ends.

The Woman’s Day daily in its August 31 1997 edition published an article entitled Diana Falls in Love, Diana oh Diana…, telling of Lady Di’s increasingly intimate relationship with billionaire Dodi al-Fayed (42).

The Tragic Death of Princess Diana

Who would have thought that the editor of this daily had to prepare various articles that night to be presented the next day, in connection with the death of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dody, car driver Henri Paul and Al-Fayed’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones in a traffic accident in Paris, Sunday (31 /8) early in the morning?

The Woman’s Day daily chose the headline as Princess Diana Dies While Finding True Love, because it turns out that throughout her marriage to Charles – based on her confession in Lady Diana’s biography and interviews with the press – she did not experience the beauty of true love.

In his own way he tries to find true love. But fate decided otherwise. Nothing is certain in this world, except death, and Diana has proven that. The world is shocked and saddened. It would also be natural for England to be shocked and “angry”.

But Diana had already left and never returned. There will no longer be the charming smile of this shy woman who loved children and others, among other things, was active in anti-landmine campaigns throughout the world, loved classical music and ballet, and was an accomplished skier and swimmer.

Biography of Princess Diana: Papparazzi and Princess Diana

BECOMING a public figure, especially a beautiful woman who at that time was the wife of a potential heir to the royal throne, was not easy for Princess Diana. Wherever he is, the glare of television cameras, the flash of photos, and the scribbles of pens on notepads, always accompany him.

It’s as if whatever he does, especially after starting an affair, is interesting to make news. Not to mention — and this is actually more numerous and more troublesome — the presence of pa-parazzi who always follow important and rich people to take the most exclusive photos in exchange for high fees from the media who are willing to buy them.

The Sun, The Mirror, and the Daily Mail, are three tabloids in England that pay high subscriptions for exclusive photos sent by paparazzi. One of the causes of Diana and Dodi’s fatal accident was the action of the paparazzi who acted excessively and never gave up because they were chasing high salaries.

However, the world community cannot completely blame the actions of the paparazzi and the media who continue to report developments in Lady Diana’s story because they are interested in enjoying the latest developments in the princess’s story.

The widespread news and world mourning over the death of Lady Diana shows that this woman had extraordinary charisma. His commitment to humanity and his struggle to create a happy family.

She provides inspiration and encouragement for women around the world to never tire of doing the same thing. Being a wife, mother, and at the same time a good and meaningful public figure for others is not easy for everyone to do.

However, Lady Diana fought hard to achieve it (even though she failed) amidst the great shocks of her personal life. It is not the result that is important here, but the process to make it happen.

Seconds Before Princess Diana’s Death – This is a photo of the seconds before the death of Princess Diana and Dody Al Fayed in an accident in Paris which was finally released after 10 years of her death.

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